L'Albatros Galerie in Romans sur Isère 26100

32 côte des Cordeliers - France

will be exhibiting the works of

Laurence Soignon from 9 April 2024 to 25 May 2024.


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September 13 to 15, 2020

74 bd Richard-Lenoir 75011 Paris France

Located in this former hardware store ideally located between the Place de la République and the Bastille, this is where the Art show Paris welcomed you for its sixth edition.It is in this magical and atypical place which by its glass roof 15 meters high, its passageway overlooking the ground floor and its 700 m2, that everything has been implemented to offer you 3 days of unforgettable exhibition. 


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45th Edition of the Picturales 2019 in Bourg de Péage


Exhibition of painting 302 by Laurence Soignon behind the statute of the sculptor Rast-Klan TOROS


tl_files/soignon/Presse/2019.11 Picturales Toile 302 avec statut TOROS.jpg


tl_files/soignon/Presse/2019.11 Affiche Picturales.jpg





Publication of the work of Laurence Soignon in the magazine "MAISON & JARDIN" of September 2019









Latest canvases to discover at the Night Market

of the IBIS Hotel in Saulce sur Rhône


tl_files/soignon/Presse/2019.06 IBIS marché nocturne.jpg

 tl_files/soignon/Toiles en galerie/300 Digital 70x50 2019.jpg





Come and discover the work of Laurence Soignon in a report Art 2019 - By Air Paris broadcast on AIR FRANCE long-haul flights from 01 January to 31 March 2019





Discover La Chapelle de Gillons and its exhibition "Lumière à Gillons  "
from 01 to 16 September 2018
on the occasion of his 2nd biennale of Gillons painters

Chapel of Gillons - 26750 Châtillon-Saint-Jean - France
You will find a canvas by Laurence Soignon



tl_files/soignon/Presse/2018.09 2eme biennale des peintres de Gillons.jpg






Laurence Soignon is pleased to participate in the collective exhibition

of HAMMAM ARTS on the occasion of its 13th anniversary

Rue Pierre Charignon 26750 GENISSIEUX - FRANCE

from 08 December 2017 to 07 February 2018



tl_files/soignon/Presse/2017.12.08 HAMMAM-AFFICHE-A3-inauguration.jpg


tl_files/soignon/Presse/2017.12.08 Vernissage L Soignon Hammam Arts.JPG






Laurence Soignon exhibits at Crédit Mutuel

28 avenue Victor Hugo - 26000 VALENCE - France

from 08 November 2017 to 03 January 2018


tl_files/soignon/Presse/2017.11.08 credit-mutuel-logo.jpg

 tl_files/soignon/Toiles en galerie/288 Bilan 25x25 2017.jpg







Laurence Soignon exhibits in tribute to Michel DOBELLI

19-25 October 2017


tl_files/soignon/Presse/2017.10.19-25 Formes et Couleurs du Temps Flyer rect-verso.jpg


tl_files/soignon/Presse/2017.10.19-25 Formes et Couleurs du Temps Flyer verso.jpg

tl_files/soignon/Presse/2017.10.19-25 Formes et Couleurs du Temps Invitation.jpg



Laurence SOIGNON exhibits in SINGAPORE

25 to 31 May 2017



tl_files/soignon/Presse/2017.05.25 FIERCE_CREATORS_WEB_INVITATION.jpg


tl_files/soignon/Presse/2017.05.25 paysage createurs feroces Singapour 2017.jpg


tl_files/soignon/Presse/2017.05.25 Flyer verso.jpg


tl_files/soignon/Presse/2017.05.25 Flyer recto.jpg


tl_files/soignon/Presse/2017.05.25 Laurence Soignon Fierce Creators.jpg



tl_files/soignon/Presse/2017.05.25 Annonce 1.jpg



tl_files/soignon/Presse/2017.05.25 Presentation Laurence Soignon.jpg



tl_files/soignon/Presse/2017.05.25 Banniere 1.jpg


tl_files/soignon/Presse/2017.05.25 Banniere 2.jpg






tl_files/soignon/Presse/2017.04.22 Vernissage Gallery COLORIDA Lisbon Portugal.jpg



As from 22 April 2017

Costa do Castelo 63


Tel 351218853347





Laurence SOIGNON selected artist



Agora Gallery

30 W 25th St, New York,

NY 10001, États-Unis






See you on the stand number L07

Laurence Soignon to ART3F Mulhouse

She was happy to welcome you!


tl_files/soignon/Presse/2016.11.18 ART3F Mulhouse.jpg






tl_files/soignon/Presse/2016.11.18 Art3F Mulhouse Stand 1.jpg


tl_files/soignon/Presse/2016.11.18 Art3F Mulhouse Stand 2.jpg


tl_files/soignon/Presse/2016.11.18 Art3F Mulhouse Stand 3.jpg


tl_files/soignon/Presse/2016.11.18 Art3F Mulhouse Stand 4.jpg


tl_files/soignon/Presse/2016.11.18 Art3F Mulhouse Stand 7.jpg


tl_files/soignon/Presse/2016.11.18 Art3F Mulhouse Stand 9.jpg


tl_files/soignon/Presse/2016.11.18 Art3F Mulhouse Stand 91.jpg







Soignon exposes Chapel Gillons

Chatillon-Saint-Jean 26750 - France

from Saturday 10 to Sunday, September 18, 2016

on the occasion of the collective exhibition "Around Gillons".

Opening Saturday, September 10 at 18 pm

Discover the work created for this event.








See you on the stand number A10

Laurence Soignon to ART3F Lyon

She was happy to welcome you!


tl_files/soignon/Presse/2016.04.01 ART 3F Lyon.jpg






tl_files/soignon/Presse/2016.04 ART3F Lyon Stand Laurence Soignon 0.jpg


tl_files/soignon/Presse/2016.04 ART3F Lyon Stand Laurence Soignon 1.jpg 


tl_files/soignon/Presse/2016.04 ART3F Lyon Stand Laurence Soignon 2.jpg


tl_files/soignon/Presse/2016.04 ART3F Lyon Stand Laurence Soignon 3.jpg


tl_files/soignon/Presse/2016.04 ART3F Lyon Stand Laurence Soignon 4.jpg






tl_files/soignon/Presse/2016.03 RomansMag Mars2016 n306 1ere page.jpg


tl_files/soignon/Presse/2016.03 RomansMag Mars2016 n306 Article LS.jpg





Press "Styles and Trends in Art International,

China, BEIJING 2015"



A video of this event :




A photo report-texts :




Attention artists selected Soignon 2015. Laurence, featured artist

Dear Madam,

I have the honor to inform you that your works and style have been successfully presented under the artistic Love "Styles and Trends in Art International, China, BEIJING 2015" which took place in the Chinese capital in the salons of the Hotel Novotel Peace Beijing, December 5, 2015. As part of the styles of presentations that took place, I have the honor to inform you that you got China International Gold Medal of Arts in 2015, you were assigned on site, by the International Jury Franco-Chinese. I enjoy you know. You can see your name listed in the Awards 2015, which is currently broadcast on the website of Editions museums and culture (EDMC) pages "News" page and "Trends & Style". And the proclamation of video results in Beijing by the Jury President. You can read about from the links below to the website of Editions museums and EDMC.http culture //www.artisticmuseography.com/ or http://www.artisticmuseography.com/styles_et_tendances_art.php#523/styles_et_tendances_art.php # 498 .I would like to congratulate you for obtaining in China this important international award which rightly crown your talent. With best and most cordial greetings artistiques.Antoine Antolini. General Delegate of EDMC.Communiqué Editions "Styles and Trends in Art International, China, BEIJING 2015"


Laurence Soignon is selected for presentation

among European artists at the event

"Styles and Trends in International Art BEIJING 2015"

which will take place next December in China




Organized by the Museum Editions EDMC and culture.

Annual meetings to artistic highlighting contemporary creation and innovative styling. Editions EDMC, offer a real "news museum" who knows how to combine both one hand and sensitive human dimension that surrounds the art-work and secondly, multimedia, technologies communication, that for the wider dissemination of the living arts talents of today, with a new form of presentation "outside the walls", that, in these exceptional conditions we offer our new century XXI.



tl_files/soignon/Presse/2015.12.05 Chine 2015 Beijing Styles et Tendances International Art EDMC.JPG





Way of Painters


Laurence Soignon expose on the common Eymeux

October 10 & 11, 2015


tl_files/soignon/Presse/2015.10.10 Chemin_de_peintres_2015_affiche_programme.jpg










The painter Laurence Soignon honored in August,

exhibited her works and gives us to see her exceptional pictorial universe.

Her talent illuminates the non-figuration of her vivid paintings of strength and life.

To have... 




tl_files/soignon/Presse/2015.08 EXPOSITION Laurence Soignon Peintre TALENTS DES ARTS D AUJOURD HUI 2015.jpg


tl_files/soignon/Presse/2015.08 Dauphine Libere Medaillee Artiste d'Excellence 72dpi 500pix.jpg


tl_files/soignon/Presse/2015.08 Drome Hebdo Artiste d'Excellence 72dpi 500pix.jpg


tl_files/soignon/Presse/2015.08 Laurence Soignon Artiste d'Excellence.jpg



tl_files/soignon/Presse/2015.08.06 Médaillée Artiste d'Excellence LS.jpg


tl_files/soignon/Presse/2015.08 Remise medaille Toulon.JPG

De DàG Monsieur Antoine Antolini, Directeur du Centre de Recherche en Art et en Conservation du Patrimoine Europe, Monsieur Eugène German, Président du Jury International, Laurence Soignon



tl_files/soignon/Distinctions/2015.08.06 Certificat Authenticité Médaillée Peintre d'Excellence.jpg





 tl_files/soignon/Presse/2015.07.26 38eme Fete Village HOSTUN.jpg







Laurence Soignon exposed to Restaurant


15, rue Charles Mossant - 26300 Bourg de Péage

du 10 mars au 13 avril 2015


tl_files/soignon/Presse/2015.03.10 Vernissage SHEMS Resto, de GaD, Monsieur Jean-Paul De Bernis, President National de Merite de Devouement Francais, Laurence Soignon, Najia gérante SHEMS.jpg

de GàD, Monsieur Jean-Paul De Bernis, Président National de Mérite de Dévouement Francais,

Laurence Soignon, Najia Laguidi gérante Le SHEMS


Opening Tuesday, March 10, 2015 managed to Shems Resto, thanks to all visitors and participants who made this evening a pleasant and friendly moment.

Thank you especially to Najia for allowing this exhibition in its warm walls, the generosity of its participation and preparation of the cocktail party; thank you to Muriel Philippart, journalist Dauphine Libere for the professionalism of the interview and its availability; and a big thank you to Mr de Bernis, National President of the Academy of Merit and French Dedication for the honor, once again, of his gracious presence.


tl_files/soignon/Presse/2015.03.10 Expo Resto Les SHEMS.jpg








Laurence Soignon expose au

50e salon de peinture de la ville de Montélimar


Du 08 au 22 février 2015