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You want to buy a painting, information, advice, present several works in your home to make a choice, a creation according to your aspiration criteria, customized and adapted to your interior, contact the painter.

The canvas is mounted on chassis with painted edges, allowing immediate hanging of the work. The grip is planned.

The canvas is signed and countersigned on the back, it comes with invoice and certificate of authenticity.




Laurence Soignon

Contemporary Abstract Artist

Studio Art & Heart


Tél : +33 (0)6 28 90 46 76



tl_files/soignon/Presse/2015.08 EXPOSITION Peintre TALENTS DES ARTS D AUJOURD HUI 2015.jpg



Medal ‘Painter of Excellence (Peintre d’Excellence) Talented Artists of Our Time’ 2015



Legal Information

House of Artists Paris S513467

UTR 481 681 872 00042

SIC code 923A

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Indexé sur ARTMAJEUR
Has received the 2008 Artmajeur SILVERAward




Copyright reserved for all works on this site.