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The painter Laurence Soignon embodies the hinge between the twentieth and twenty centuries:
Her painting sets osmosis art and science, aesthetics announcing the coming decades.
Her paintings connect the universal.
The   '  Universfield Painting   "is the pictorial movement created by the painter Laurence Soignon.

Her paintings grow and support science, to help him through art, to go to the "Eureka" timeless, generic and final. During the interview she granted to museums Editions EDMC and culture, Laurence Soignon [nbsp] said ... "The aesthetic expression of my [nbsp] inner world is infinite and varied ... my approach before being spiritual, is scientific, with the focus physics and quantum cosmology; classical physics and quantum physics and the search for their unification of the equation by putting a connected universe unification the physics of the infinitely large and the infinitely small. This approach led me to Self-knowledge "....The artist Laurence Soignon and raises the painting as a supplementary means of investigation of Earth Sciences in the dimensions of the plural and transdisciplinary research between the fine arts and science. In the harmony of their combination, the arts and science may help us to one day reveal the secrets of the future, by crossing and layering of knowledge. The painting of Laurence Soignon contributes in Europe and today represents a bridge-head of Fine Arts in science. The artist founded a new aesthetic-scientific concept. Her paintings already belong to the future, it remains to this civilization to endorse such a contemporary creativity, not only for current generations but also for those to come.


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The painter Laurence Soignon medalist Excellence Painter

Talent of the Arts Today - August 2015

Editions of museums and culture EDMC,
Promotion of European cultural heritage
present Laurence Soignon
a slide show Laurence Soignon


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Press "Styles and Trends in Art International, China, BEIJING 2015"

Laurence Soignon got [nbsp] the International Gold Medal of China Arts of 2015, awarded by the International Jury Franco-Chinese.



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See "Video Expo Promenade", a very original creation of Philippe Lauters, a marriage of his music and some of the paintings by Laurence Soignon. His music is original and created to his works. To watch and listen preferably on large screen and a good sound system ... without moderation ... so good trip !!! Artistically yours.





Laurence Soignon creates unique abstract works, in acrylic on canvas.


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